Cooper's Quest:  Working together for children of emergency service providers living with disabilities or medical conditions, by offering support and services to enhance quality of life.


A sweet boy named Cooper Reid Wilson surprised the world 6 weeks early on June 27th, 2007.  He took his time in the NICU, and eventually was able to go home to his very anxious parents.  Slowly Cooper began to gain weight and grow, but his parents were concerned at his speed of development.  The doctors continually assured the first time parents that their little man was a preemie and to just be patient. 
After way too many doctors’ appointments, consultations and even more research, Cooper was diagnosed with a lysosomal disease, specifically GM1 Gangliosidosis ( on May 16th, 2008.  This very large disease is harshly impacting Cooper’s sweet little body and there isn’t a cure to consider fighting it.  There aren’t many cases like Cooper’s but even just one gives us a reason to believe in him and his quest to help others in the fight for life against GM1 and other lysosomal diseases.
Our goal in Cooper’s Quest (a 501(c)(3)) is to bring together a community to raise funds to help Cooper and other terminally ill children of fire fighters, police, ems and other human services, living with genetic diseases in their battle for the best quality of life possible.  We can only hope that a larger community can come together to participate in his ongoing legacy. 
The strength of Cooper and his family is remarkable. Their desire to give Cooper all that is remotely possible in what is projected to be a short life motivates us to help them celebrate his life, promote his legacy, and continue to hope for a miracle.

Cooper Reid Wilson rocked peacefully away to a better place where he didn't have to fight GM1 on July 8th, 2009. We are saddened by this news, yet thankful for the time that Cooper had with us to teach us to live inside of each moment. To take our breath away as often as possible.  

You will be missed Cooper.  The Quest will continue on in your honor, it is your legacy.

Forever and always. 

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