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"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." - Anonymous
Whether you've heard this phrase a million times, or not at all, it is one that gives you goose bumps; a phrase that touches the deepest parts of you.  It makes you thankful for life and the cherished moments we experience in it. 
On May 16th, 2008, just six weeks shy of his first birthday, Cooper Reid Wilson was diagnosed with GM1 Gangliosidosis.  This rare disease is battling his sweet, little body and will ultimately take it over, leaving him without the unforgettable moments that we are all so fortunate to have.  Cooper's parents are working very hard to give him "the moments that take his breath away" before this disease takes its toll on him, but between medical appointments, tests, therapies, equipment and just every day living it's not easy.
There are a number of growing epidemics in our world today. There are millions of charities, foundations and non-profit organizations seeking everything they can in donations, but none of them have the eyes of a boy named Cooper; eyes that are searching for just one more moment in what has been diagnosed to be a short life because of this extremely rare genetic disease.
It is our goal, that with help from people like you, we can create something greater, something to help Cooper and his friends, or 'Questers' as we like to call them. Cooper's father, a fire fighter and mother, a representative of The American Cancer Society, work hard to better the lives of every day people.  Because of their dedication and their goodwill for others, we have organized Cooper's Quest. We would like the opportunity to help other fire fighters and advocates for human services that might also incur financial struggles when parenting a child with a genetic disease.  We would like to help them get that extra piece of developmental equipment or to pay that medical bill; to provide funds to try a new therapy or to search for an appropriate alternative.  It is our hope that when a family's resources have diminished and they are searching for a miracle, that they have someone to turn to for a little magic, support from Cooper's Quest.  Life is too short.  If we can make the life these children are living as comfortable as possible and filled with breath taking moments, Cooper's Quest will accomplish its goal. 
This time of year is indeed magical for all of us.  It's a new year and there are so many things to be thankful for, but this year, we'd like to ask you to be thankful for the moments that have taken your breath away.  Could you put a price tag on those moments if you had to?  In the spirit of new moments and the New Year, we are asking for help. Cooper's Quest needs you in order to create some magic for children that are fighting for their moments breath by breath.
All of us at Cooper's Quest would like to thank you for taking the time to consider our organization for your donation.  We appreciate you!
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